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White Paper: Stay Home – Stay Alive: Your Right to Self-Shield

Natural Solutions Foundation

Stay Home – Stay Alive: Your Right to Self-Shield
During a Declared Pandemic Emergency
A Natural Solutions Foundation White Paper


Action Item - Demand Your Right to Self Shield;
Support the Protecting Americans Self Shielding Act:

07/14/09 Update: Online Resources on Vaccination

06/19/09 Update: Draft “Protecting Americans’ Self-Shielding Act” — the Protecting Americans Act

On the lighter side: Dr. Rima Raps: “No Pig in a Poke”

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Recent Incidents
Your Right to Self-Shield


The purpose of this White Paper is to set out the legal precedents and practical implementation of voluntary self-shielding and self-quarantine. At the end of this article are quotations from various legal sources that tend to support the conclusion that voluntary, at-home self-shielding and (if necessary) self-quarantine are viable, practical and easily available alternatives to mandated vaccination, isolation or incarceration in relocation centers during a declared “pandemic emergency.” Since the process is entirely voluntary, it preserves the rights and freedoms of the people and families choosing to self-shield.

06/11/09 - “PANDEMIC” LEVEL 6 “DECLARED” -



The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that Quarantine is usually defined as “to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill.” (the proper term regarding persons who have already become ill is “Isolation.”)2

The Red Cross tells us, “…both quarantine and isolation may be compelled on a mandatory basis through legal authority as well as conducted on a voluntary basis.”

Self-shielding is taking voluntary steps to shield oneself and family from exposure to potential pathogens (or toxins or untested and uninsurable vaccines) while self-quarantine is when someone who has been exposed takes voluntary steps to separate from others (such people who exhibit symptoms are said to be in “isolation’).

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights asserts, “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home … Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference…”

The National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza concludes “limitations on gatherings, or quarantine authority may be an appropriate public health intervention.”4

And the Red Cross also states, “Modern quarantine includes a range of disease control strategies that may be used individually or in combination, including: Short-term, voluntary home curfew…”6

And finally, the Department of Defense, in its planning, states, “Quarantine… applies to the separation and restriction of movement of well persons presumed to have been exposed to a contagion. Quarantine may be enacted at a home or other residential facility. It may also be voluntary or mandatory.”5

Quarantine therefore has a significant legal foundation, and the law recognizes the existence of voluntary self-quarantine or self-shielding at home. The primary issue then is, “How does one prepare for at home self-shielding?”



The Natural Solutions Foundation previously posted the comments of an expert in biological weapons regarding this issue:

Professional Advice Regarding Protecting Yourself in a Pandemic (including a Fourteen Point Checklist) -

The expert we consulted recommended in that posting: “The first and most basic stage is to go home lock the doors and stay there. DO NOT try to seal up your home with duct tape and plastic as you will not have enough oxygen to breathe within a very short time. This method is used for chemical events where you need to be indoors for a very short period of time. Most Quarantines will last days if not weeks and months. At this stage you can actually go out in to your front yard or back yard and breathe the air just fine just as long as you do not breathe someone else’s air that might be infected with an airborne communicable disease or virus. This could include certain animals and insects, all depending on the biological involved.”

The first four essential steps are:

“1. Have a Family Call-out Plan. When the pandemic starts, activate the call-out plan – make calls out to every family member to get everyone home ASAP.
2. If still on the road and/or in public, pull out gas mask, with bio-filter, from kit in auto.
3. Keep radio tuned to local stations you trust for local updates.
4. Upon arriving home, start quarantine process by bringing everyone inside including pets.
5. Put a “Quarantined” sign on front door.”

Of course, preparedness is essential. You need to keep a couple weeks supply of food and drink on hand. You need to have a family plan, as recommended by our expert.

We also believe that natural remedies can help support a vibrant and effective immune system, even in the worst of situations. One way to nourish your immune system is with nano silver.

See: -
there you can both support the Foundation and obtain your silver nutrients.

Here we also posted Homeopathic Remedy Information that discusses remedies traditionally used for the flu.

Remember to stay calm and be prepared to firmly assert your right to remain in your own home: a family’s home is its castle! You and your neighbors can do more together to survive a difficult situation if you discuss these possibilities in advance and prepare to protect yourselves.



Over the past several years, we have identified several incidents when a pandemic was certainly possible. The April, 2009 “Swine Flu” incident, which followed closely on the January, 2009 “accidental’ near release of live Avian Flu virus-contaminated season flu vaccine, raised our concern. The potential for a weaponized vaccine to be the vector for a weaponized flu cannot be discounted.

The example of the “accidental” contamination of seasonal flu vaccines with live Avian Flu virus that occurred in early 2009 is particularly troubling; there is, curiously, no indication of any significant government investigation of this incident, which could have led to a worldwide pandemic:

The next “window of opportunity” for what World Health Organization (WHO) officials are saying will be an “inevitable” pandemic will come with the availability, soon (Summer/Autumn 2009) of the alleged “Swine Flu” vaccine.

As is nearly always the case, the vaccine itself will “choose” the strain of flu that will become epidemic, or in the case of a successful weaponized virus, pandemic. Annually, the CDC claims to be almost always “right” in choosing the flu strains for the annual flu vaccine, many months in advance. This is simply because some percentage of those vaccinated will shed live viruses, thereby creating the very epidemic the vaccine is supposed to prevent. In our opinion, vaccination does not work; what historically reduced the incidence of infectious disease was improvements in public awareness, hygiene and nutrition.

It is our assessment that the “science” behind vaccination is deeply flawed, or worse, and that this unisurable practice violates basic standards of medical ethics. See the Helsinki Declaration of the World Medical Association. 12

See also Dr. Laibow’s article, The Syringe of Death, .


We believe that this phony “Pandemic” has been created for dangerous strategic reasons, to finally strangle our remaining health freedoms, while hugely profiting the sickness industry. This horrific potential must be prevented. We mean to protect our children and ourselves from a dangerous, weaponized vaccine created to trigger a weaponized primate-avian-porcine pandemic flu.

To do so, we urge people to consider the power relationships among the various bureaucratic and commercial interests and the needs of people to privacy and security as basic civil rights. We have applied our targeted, and increasingly successful strategy of “push-back” — of new media based, mass net roots action — to strategically jab back, disrupting the power elite’s control agenda.

In this case, the tactic is to demand legal respect for the Right to Self-Shield in the event of a pandemic emergency declaration.

As usual, Natural Solutions Foundation is the leader in this innovative tactic which could, literally, save millions of lives, including your life and that of those you hold dear.

In the few weeks since we proposed the concept legal protections for those who seek to self-shield instead accepting the government’s uninsurable vaccines or their incarceration “option”, hundreds of thousands of email messages have reached legislators and decision makers, demanding respect for this right and urging legislators to sponsor the “Protecting Americans’ Self Shielding” Act. In this case, we believe the control agenda can be stopped if we marshal millions of people who demand the right to voluntary Self-Quarantine and Self-Shielding instead of, as Dr. Rima put it in her rap video, “No Pig In A Poke”,, “no jab and no jail!”

This right is rooted in specific language of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Nuremberg Convention and the Geneva Convention, as well as the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association, to say nothing of constitutional principles such as the Right to Privacy.

What is the purpose of the proposed Act? To forbid the use of Federal funds to prevent or interfere with self-shielding. No Federal funding means no State will have the ability to force dangerous, weaponized vaccines or dangerous incarceration on the People.

Every family, every individual, has a right to refuse medical treatments that violate conscience. Self-shielding in one’s home, a location recognized in common law as inviolate except with proper judicial authority, is a right that should be respected by governments as they deal with the results of their ill-conceived public health policies. Self-shielding can be as simple as taking steps to reduce your exposure to pathogens, supporting your immune system through good nutrition and using supplementation such as nano-silver, avoiding public places, especially crowded locations, and similar common sense steps. These steps offer you significant protection from the dangers of a natural or weaponized pandemic, while an uninsurable “Pig in a Poke” vaccine may only offer you the opportunity to come to harm. We believe “Do No Harm” is the first rule of good health, and we believe -

Health Freedom is Our First Freedom!

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