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Hi all, this little post to help you if you plan to have a trip on Ayutthaya (Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya) .
This city that was an ancient capital-city of siam is very close to Bangkok, just 70 km on the nord of Bangkok.

From Bangokok is possible to take bus : Buses operate every 20 minutes or so from Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal (Moh Chit) directly to Ayutthaya. First class air-con buses charge 45 baht, while second class is 35 baht. Allow at least two hours for the trip since the buses stop rather frequently and there are often jams on the roads out of/into Bangkok.

Or if yu have time and you like to enjoy the landscape you can take a bot trip from Bangkok cruise pier ( wat Yanaya ) .

Unfortunatly there are no connection from the airport direct to Ayutthaya by pubblic bus line.

One time in Ayutthaya, even from the map, the place could appear little, is not so simple to visit by walk, there many places to see and not all are close to each others. Bike colud be nice, but if is hot... don't know, up to you!

Better way for me is to take a tuk tuk for an half day. We take seven hours to see every point of interest of the city.

Ok, when you will arrive to see the Buddha Face inside the tree look around cause you can meet a very nice friend

The Doraemon temple!!!

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